State leaders in Delaware have developed a comprehensive set of strategies to maximize student enrollment and success in higher education. The Delaware level-up story began in 2013 when the higher education office noticed that 18% of the state’s college-ready seniors were not applying to college. This finding prompted, state leaders in Delaware to launch the Getting to Zero Campaign. This statewide campaign educated students about the steps necessary to apply for college, financial aid, and was accompanied by targeted outreach and support. The campaign included a statewide College Application Month, FAFSA Campaign, College Decision Day, and outreach to targeted students to reduce summer melt. State leaders also organized meetings and shared college-going performance data with political and community-based stakeholders throughout the state in an effort to gather feedback about strategies they might collectively take to improve student success outcomes in higher education and K-12 schools.

Delaware’s comprehensive strategy for increasing access and success in higher education has led to 100% of the last three cohorts of college-ready students applying to college, with 98% enrolling in college within 6 months of graduating high school. Immediate college enrollment rates have increased for all students each year. For more information about Delaware’s Level Up story or to share a program, or initiative that can be featured as a Level Up strategy please contact Steve Desir.