Tennessee’s Drive to 55

Working together to meet the Drive to 55 postsecondary attainment goal, the Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Higher Education Commission, and their advocacy partner, TN SCORE, have “leveled-up”  and developed a comprehensive set of programs and initiatives to facilitate seamless transitions between high school, higher education, and the workforce for students. Tennessee’s Drive to 55

Miami Dade College Shark Path

Community colleges play a critical role in our education ecosystem by providing open-access education to a substantial majority of the country’s first-generation, low-income, and students of color. Community colleges across the country are collaborating with their K-12 partners to strengthen academic counseling and provide clear academic and career pathways for students. Institutional leaders at Miami

Indiana Postsecondary Transitions Committee

State leaders play a vital role in developing systems that influence how higher education institutions and K-12 schools work with one another to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education. In 2018, the Indiana Department of Education and Commission for Higher Education jointly convened a Postsecondary Transitions Steering Committee to develop a

Georgia State University’s Panther Retention Grants

Each year countless students who have made satisfactory progress toward a postsecondary credential leave higher education due to unforeseen financial roadblocks.  In fact, in an NCES study, 31%  of students who stopped out of higher education reported that they left their institutions due to financial reasons.  If institutions, states, and local communities are going to

Delaware’s Getting to Zero Campaign

State leaders in Delaware have developed a comprehensive set of strategies to maximize student enrollment and success in higher education. The Delaware level-up story began in 2013 when the higher education office noticed that 18% of the state’s college-ready seniors were not applying to college. This finding prompted, state leaders in Delaware to launch the Getting

Level Up Launch Event

On March 11th, a coalition of local, state, and national partners doubled down on their commitment to measurably increase the number of high school students prepared for and successfully transitioning to postsecondary education and training programs. This website contains videos and resources that were shared with participants at the Level Up launch event. If you